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Payment Options

Fees, Payments & Insurance Coverage:

We are dedicated to providing quality healthcare services while keeping our fees reasonably priced. Favorable payment arrangements can and will be made in the event you do not have healthcare coverage for our healthcare services. Please cross-reference the insurance carrier’s website (database) with the provider that you seek (whether in or out of network). We’ll accept assignment with commercial insurance carriers and process your insurance claim. If you have any healthcare or insurance related questions, please contact our office.

We will accept PERSONAL INJURY: AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT and SLIP & FALL CLAIMS. We will accept an attorney’s medical lien for not-at-fault liability claims. Also, we will accept not-at-fault and at-fault Medpay Car Insurance Coverage (Medical Payments).

Federal and State Healthcare Plans we participate with:

Medicare – (

Nevada Medicaid – (

United HealthCare (UHC)

UMR | Midwest Securities (UMR)

Employers Insurance Company of Nevada (EICON)

Methods of Payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Checks (Personal, Business, Cashiers, Money Orders)

Initial Visit: What to Expect

We request that you fill out our new patient intake forms. This will give us an opportunity to glean from you your past and present health-related information so that we may all move forward with a comprehensive mindset, a comprehensive approach leading up to your health-related consultation and physical examination.

Also, the New Patient Intake forms are useful with relevant and related: doctor + patient disclosures so that we may all be on the same page while potentially implementing a plan of action to attempt to address and resolve your health-related issue.

The consultation with Dr. Patrick R.E. Davis will allow you to meet the doctor to thoroughly discuss what health-related issues you feel need to be addressed. This is a fantastic opportunity to communicate your health-related concerns with Dr. Davis, i.e. what you are experiencing, what issues you feel need to be addressed and the hopes and goals you seek and desire.

Together, you and Dr. Davis will establish therapeutic goals while aligning practical therapeutic expectations that will, in effect, attempt to attain and achieve meaningful therapeutic results. Dr. Davis will give you preliminary feedback on whether he believes he can assist you in resolving your health-related issues and concerns and whether we should proceed with an examination. During the consultation, we will be able to discuss in detail whether Chiropractic Care will be a viable therapeutic option for you and your situation.

There are 3 elements of a physical examination, viz.

  1. MEDICAL HISTORY:review of the patient’s past and present medical (health-related) history;
  2. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION:physical examination of the patient (including but not limited to) assessing related, involved and relevant: range of motion tests, deep tendon reflex tests, dermatome (sensational integrity) tests, muscle grade integrity tests, orthopedic (provocative) tests accompanied with musculoskeletal digital palpation examination.
  3. CLINICAL DECISION MAKING: Patrick R.E. Davis will proffer his professional recommendation after careful review of the following: your New-Patient-Intake packet, the doctor – patient consultation, your physical examination and any or all diagnostic studies (if applicable).

Please note, any recommended treatment or care originating from Dr. Davis’ Clinical Decision Making is subject to treatment revisions … all in the spirit of attempting to improve the probability of attaining a favorable therapeutic clinical outcome.

The principal purpose of prescribing diagnostic radiographic studies is to assess, to ascertain the integrity of the spinal and | or extremity structures, to rule out: degeneration, misalignments, dislocations, fractures, pathologic processes, congenital anomalies and etcetera. It may prove useful to evaluate and to attempt to clinically correlate radiographic findings of structure with that of realized clinical musculoskeletal dysfunction given structure and function unequivocally go hand in hand.

If diagnostic x-rays are medically necessary and warranted, the specific radiographic studies will be prescribed by Dr. Davis and those radiographic findings will be factored in with the prescribed treatment plan.

At this stage of your initial visit, Dr. Davis will review and re-review with you your clinical and diagnostic findings (if applicable) and offer his professional recommendation for treatment and care.

It’s not uncommon for an anticipated health-related solution and the desired therapeutic result thereof to be a moving target that can and will involve treatment revisions. It can and will be a process. This process may require patience with persistence, a therapeutic endeavor only achieved with, by and through the conjoined efforts of the doctor and the patient. To attain a desired therapeutic resolution, it is imperative that the doctor and patient collectively and consistently work hand in hand. We will put forth our best effort, not guaranteeing the outcome but rather guarantee an earnest effort to your direct therapeutic benefit.

Relevant and relatable quotes per this section:

“ The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade, a calling, not a business; a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head. ” 1(p386)
William Osler, MD, 1849-1919

 “ It’s time to start feeling better by getting better ! ”
© 2018 Dr. Patrick R.E. Davis

Dr. Patrick R.E. Davis will discuss with you at length the cost of the suggested treatment and care. The goal is to set the stage where you will be able to invest in your health and wellbeing with accessible and affordable treatment options. 
We believe your health is a worthwhile investment; likewise, we are hopeful that you too believe and subscribe to the notion that your health and wellbeing is not only a PRIORITY but is categorically PRICELESS !

Whether you have experienced a post-traumatic event that requires admittance into a Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Program which may necessitate the strategic prescription of therapeutic physiotherapy modalities OR whether you require admittance into a Wellness & Preventative Program, we can and will accommodate you and your health-related situation accordingly.

Post-Traumatic Events (i.e. injuries sustained from blunt trauma in a motor vehicle accident; injuries sustained in a slip and fall incident OR any other traumatic event that negatively impacts your musculoskeletal function) will require individualized treatment protocols during phases of your physical and functional recovery; the physiologic phases of soft tissue healing and rehabilitation, listed below:

  • Acute Inflammatory Phase;
  • Repair and Regeneration Phase;
  • Remodeling and Rehabilitation Phase;

To delve in deeper into our therapeutic approach: chiropractic treatment and physical | functional rehabilitation, please go to our website’s TREATMENT tab on our navigation bar and reference: Chiropractic Treatment and Physical Medicine Rehabilitation; Therapeutic Physiotherapy Modalities.

Please note, our standards of rehabilitative practice (treatment protocols) are well aligned and are within existing and industry related standards of practice per one’s diagnoses, comparatively. We pride ourselves of and on this reality !